US drug overdose deaths: a global challenge

Source : On Jan 19, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new country-level estimates showing unprecedented rates of drug overdose deaths, with 47 055 deaths in the USA in 2014. Since 2000, the age-adjusted drug overdose death rate has more than doubled, from 6·2 per 100 ...

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Toronto warned of ‘China White’ heroin after 6 people overdose

Source : An unusually potent or tainted batch of heroin is to blame for a rash of recent overdoses, public health officials say. Six people in Toronto have reportedly overdosed in the past week. Meanwhile, there were more than six drug overdoses, one of them fatal, in Kitchener and Cambridge ...

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Overdose Reversal Drug Now Available To Every U.S. High School Free Of Charge

Source : The Clinton Foundation has partnered with pharmaceutical company Adapt Pharma to provide complimentary overdose reversal kits to high schools around the nation. Any high school in the U.S. that wants to carry an emergency opioid overdose reversal kit will now be able to get one free of charge, thanks to ...

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How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples Across America

Source : Deaths from drug overdoses have jumped in nearly every county across the United States, driven largely by an explosion in addiction to prescription painkillers and heroin. Some of the largest concentrations of overdose deaths were in Appalachia and the Southwest, according to new county-level estimates released by the ...

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Marijuana in Montreal: How legalization could shake up black market

Source : In the final instalment of Daybreak‘s « Montreal 420 » series, a retired Montreal police officer discusses how legalization could change the city’s illicit drug trade. Philippe Paul spent 28 years with the Montreal Police force, most of that working on the drug and anti-gang squad. Paul is also an ...

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Ohio prosecutors going after heroin providers

Source : With heroin overdoses killing more young people in Ohio than car crashes, prosecutors are turning up the heat on dealers, friends and others who unknowingly provide the doses that end up sending drug users to the morgue. Going after suppliers in drug-induced deaths isn’t a new idea – ...

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