National poll: Majority supports legalizing marijuana

Source : A majority of American registered voters nationwide support the legalization of marijuana, according to the results of the latest Quinnipiac University poll out Monday. Slightly more than half — 54 percent — said the use of marijuana should be made legal across the country, while 41 percent ...

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25 states now call marijuana “medicine.” Why doesn’t the DEA?

Source : John Kasich signed Ohio’s medical marijuana bill into law yesterday, making it the 25th state (26 counting Washington, D.C.) to allow some form of medical marijuana use. Ohio’s measure is more restrictive than medical marijuana bills in many other states. It does not allow patients to smoke ...

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Kasich legalizes medical marijuana in Ohio

Source : Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a medical marijuana legalization bill into law on Wednesday, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. The former Republican presidential candidate’s penmanship makes Ohio the 26th state in the nation to legalize marijuana use for medical purposes. Kasich has said he would like children with ...

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau may have made the best case for legal pot ever

Source : Speaking Wednesday at an economic conference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made one of the more buttoned-down, straight-edged arguments for marijuana legalization I’ve heard in recent years. It’s worth quoting at length so I’ve done that below: Look, our approach on legalizing marijuana is not about creating a ...

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NDP motion calls on feds to decriminalize marijuana before legalizing it

Source : The New Democrats are urging the Liberal government to decriminalize pot before they legalize it. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on a promise to legalize, regulate and restrict access to marijuana, and his government plans to get started next spring. Meanwhile, the existing criminal law remains on ...

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