HRI 2017 – Montreal Street Drugs prices and info

With HRI 2017 starting next Sunday, we thought the following document could be helpful to out of towners….

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, correct or add to the info provided in the document.

Looking forward to meeting you all !!


Montreal Street Drug Prices-spring17

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  1. Some changed info since the spring of ’17 :
    -ascorbid acid, aka Vitamiin C is free to get from Cactus, Spectre de Rue, Dopamine, Méta d’Âme, Plein Milieu, l’Anonyme and other community NGOs working in the harm reduction field.
    -Same with rubber ties to help during injection, they are now free.
    – Crystal Meth pipes are now available for free from Cactus, limit one a day per user.
    -Crystal Meth itself is growing in popularity and is available fairly easily in the Quartier Latin/Gay village for about $20 a point (.1 gram), prices decreasing with quantity. Best quality is transparent glass shards.

    Some, if not most, of the aforementioned ressources also can provide you with both naloxone and fentanyl testing kits, for free and anonymously !!! Naloxone is also (in theory) freely available from any pharmacy for free and without ID. Alas the reality is that many if not most pharmacists still demand your medicare card and thus file it in your e-patient file.

    Feel free to ask questions here 😉

    P.S : we have now 4 official supervised injection sites (SIS) :

    -Cactus Montreal at 1244 Berger street, 514-847-0067 (St-Laurent metro), 16h to 04h (06h on friday and saturday)
    -Spectre de Rue at 1280 Ontario street East, 514-528-1700 (Beaudry metro) 9h30 to 18h weekdays, 10h to 16h weekends
    -Dopamine, 4205 Ontario street East, 514-251-8872 (Pie-IX metro), 20h to 01h every night
    -L’Anonyme, mobile SIS unit, 1-844-381-2455 toll free to enquire about location and set up a meeting (they come to you when they can). On the road from 23h to 5h every night

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