Navy Veteran walks across country to legalize medical marijuana

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A Maryland Navy veteran is walking his tiny home across the county to bring awareness to the growing number of homeless veterans, but that’s not it. He’s also walking to legalize medical marijuana.

Ras Ible, 58, passed through La Crosse on Monday on his journey to Washington D.C. He’s carrying a 500 pound rickshaw-home on his back.

The little shack has everything he needs including food, water, a bed, even solar-powered electricity. The 3,000 mile journey started in Spokane, Washington in April 2014.

« I used to be a homeless veteran. I have this little tiny house here, though they still consider me  homeless, I’m not. And I am going to park my little tiny house next to the White House. So we’ll have a green house and a White House and hopefully it will get their attention and Congress’ attention, » Ible said.

As Ible neared the Coulee Region, he ran into a road block. A flat tire stopped him on his way through Winona. Ible put a message out on his Facebook and a nearby follower saw the post. Jon Voss from La Crosse decided to help Ible through the La Crosse area.

« He had a couple plugs in the tire and he said « will this make it to Washington D.C.? » and I said « uh uh. I got a spare tire in my garage and I’ll bring it to you, » Voss said.

Together the two jacked up the rickshaw, changed the tire and Ible was on his way, but not without leaving an impression.

« It’s just incredible that someone can do this. He’s just out living life. A lot of people can get out and live life. They’re stuck in the grind 9 to 5. He’s on a mission and it’s cool, » Voss said.

Next, Ible is headed to Madison to protest at the capitol. From there he’ll follow the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico and make his way up to Washington D.C. His goal is to make it to D.C. before the election in November.

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