USA : Marijuana sellers undeterred by threat of federal prosecution

Source : Defiant marijuana entrepreneurs and investors are shrugging off threats of heightened federal prosecution and placing their faith in state lawmakers and a growing belief their industry is too big and popular to shut down. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sowed confusion into the legal cannabis industry Thursday when ...

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Dawson: Here’s why it’s time to legalize all drugs in Canada

Source : Picture this: You’re an injection drug user, and, you’re worried the next time you use, you might die. So, you head for the Shepherds of Good Hope, where there’s a special trailer. There, you can use your drugs – and someone will save you if you overdose. ...

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Don’t call people who use drugs ‘junkies’

Source : People who take drugs should not be described as ‘users’, ‘junkies’ or ‘addicts’, according to a new report. The assessment calls for terms such as ‘druggie’ and ‘crackhead’ to be phased out. Media, religious leaders, intellectuals, celebrities and others in influential positions should promote the use of ...

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