President Obama Says It’s Time To End The War On Drugs And Start The War On Addiction

Source : ‘This crisis is taking lives,’ he said in West Virginia on Wednesday (Oct. 21) during a speech about prescription drug abuse. With his eye on multiple conflicts across the globe, President Obama traveled to the capital of West Virginia on Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 21) to talk about a ...

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Obama Tells Outdated Opioid Treatment Industry It’s Time To Change

Source : Only « a small minority of Americans who might benefit » from the best treatment are getting it. President Barack Obama tackled the opioid epidemic on Wednesday by telling health care providers across the country that access to medication-assisted treatment must be expanded. For decades, those treating opioid addiction ignored the scientific ...

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Colorado Just Became The First State In History To Collect More Taxes From Marijuana Than Alcohol

Source : No state has ever generated more tax revenue from marijuana than alcohol—until now. The Colorado Department of Revenue, according to recently released figures, just brought in $70 million in taxes relating to marijuana, compared to less than $42 million for alcohol taxes, over the course of a year. ...

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Evidence Builds for Medicinal Use of Psychedelic Drugs

Source : There was a span of a little more than a decade in the 20th Century when scientists thought that mind-altering drugs like LSD might be the key to treating psychiatric illnesses. These efforts ground to a halt in the early 1970s, by which time the research had gained ...

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FDA Approves OxyContin for Children While Cannabis Remains Illegal

Source : The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the limited use of the extremely powerful and frequently abused painkiller OxyContin for children as young as 11 years old, while cannabis still remains illegal in most US states and completely illegal in all states on a federal level. OxyContin, ...

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US National Cancer Institute Now Lists Cannabis as Potential Cancer Treatment

Source : The National Cancer Institute’s page for Cannabis and Cannabinoids now lists several preclinical trials and studies in which the compounds have shown beneficial medical applications. While these merits come as no surprise for many, the real shocker here is Marijuana still being listed as a Schedule I substance in the eyes of ...

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