The Effects of Cannabis During Pregnancy

Source : Cannabis and Pregnancy By The Stoner’s Cookbook   What are the effects of using cannabis during pregnancy? Are they good? Bad? Here’s some of the key facts to ponder. Hot Topic By The Stoner’s Cookbook Marijuana and pregnancy have long been studied by medical professionals. In fact, ...

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Judge Gives Man 23 Years After Someone OD’d on His Heroin, Lectures Us About Ruining Lives

Source : It’s an outcome all the more horrific for being unforgivably common. A man from Rock Island, Illinois received a 23-year prison sentence yesterday after being convicted of supplying the drugs associated with a fatal overdose. Steven Waldrip, 48, had been found guilty in October of one count of distribution of heroin resulting in ...

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Et si on légalisait toutes les drogues?

Source : Une mère de famille qui a perdu sa fille en a fait son combat, et de plus en plus d’experts et de politiciens y pensent sérieusement.  L’Ontarienne Donna May était à New York ces derniers jours pour manifester contre la guerre aux drogues. Elle portait sur elle ...

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