Feds Declare War On Herb Touted As A Solution To Opioid Addiction

Source : A new DEA push against kratom shows drug warriors haven’t learned from past failures. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is moving to place the herbal supplement kratom on its list of Schedule I drugs, effectively banning a naturally occurring psychoactive substance that some say holds promise as ...

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Mom of overdose victim: ‘Drug policy is the reason people are dying’

 Source : Story highlights Louise Vincent says the societal approach to addiction must change « That’s what would have saved my daughter, » she says She advocates for the use of the opioid-blocking drug naloxone (CNN) In March, Louise Vincent was forced to live every parent’s worst nightmare. Her daughter Selena ...

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Seattle Activist Creating Mobile Safe Injection Site

Source : A Seattle street activist has announced plans to launch a mobile van that will encourage and promote safe drug use, despite knowing that the bulk of his mission is against state law. Shilo Murphy, executive director of the nonprofit People’s Harm Reduction Alliance said he is in ...

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Marijuana legalization didn’t cause the heroin epidemic. If anything, it may help end the epidemic.

Source : A new Esquire article tries to tie marijuana legalization to the heroin epidemic. The argument falls flat. “The secret history of the heroin crisis,” Don Winslow writes at Esquire, is rooted in marijuana legalization. Specifically, Winslow claims that because marijuana legalization in Colorado and other states depleted ...

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21 heroin overdoses reported in Ohio in a day as state battles epidemic

Source : Ohio authorities reported at least 21 overdoses in Akron as the state battles a drug epidemic. The overdoses Friday night occurred in separate incidents, and heroin laced with fentanyl and carfentanil is suspected, CNN affiliate WEWS reported. The conditions of those who overdosed Friday are unclear. The ...

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