5 Fascinating New Uses For Psychedelics

Original article by Sarah Seltzer for :   Scientists are looking into various medical and psychiatric uses for psychedelics. Could the taboo be ending? On last week’s episode of the drama « Mad Men, » set in 1966, Roger Sterling, the embodiment of the classic old-boys club figure, accompanies his ...

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Interview with Eliot Albers of INPUD

Eliot Albers is the executive director of INPUD (The International Network of People who Use Drugs) which is an organisation who supports the Vancouver Declaration and demands that the human rights of drug users is respected and harm reduction programs are put in place. It tries to be an organisation that represents ...

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New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee to Vote Next Week on Legislation that Would Help Prevent Drug Overdose Deaths

Source : Legislation Encourages Calling 911 in Drug Overdose Cases; Overdose Being the Leading Cause of Accidental Death in New Jersey Treatment Providers, Public Health Advocates and Families Who Have Lost Loved Ones to Overdose Support Passage of This Life-Saving Legislation Trenton—Next week, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee will ...

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Colombia Bill to Decriminalize Drug Crops Advances

Source : A the first draft of a bill that would decriminalize the cultivation of illegal drug plants in Colombia, including coca, opium poppies, and marijuana, has been passed by its lower house of congress, according to Colombia Reports. An incident in the country’s northeast that same underscored the need for ...

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First drug to prevent HIV takes a step closer to approval

Source : A pill to prevent HIV could soon be available in what would be a major breakthrough in the 30-year campaign against the AIDS epidemic. Truvada is currently used to treat the virus, but tests have shown it to be safe and effective in healthy people for preventing it. ...

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