The Truth Behind the Bath Salts « Epidemic »

Source : Drug scares, like the seasons, are cyclical. Here in the US, we had media firestorms over crack in the 80’s, meth in the 90’s, and prescription painkillers in the 00’s. Right on schedule, the latest demon drug that is supposedly tearing our society apart has entered stage left: ...

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Our Failed Drug Policy Will Wreak Disaster by 2050 — Why We Need Reform Now

Source :–_why_we_need_reform_now The burden of the global drug problem will shift from developed to developing countries, where urban populations and women may be the most vulnerable. The global number of illicit drug users is likely to grow by 25% by 2050, with the bulk of the increase expected to take ...

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How the Drug War Exacerbates the Global HIV Pandemic

Source : The Global Commission on Drugs has released a report explaining how drug war enforcement raises barriers to HIV treatment — and what we can do to stop it.  On Tuesday, as the UN’s global drug prohibition bureaucracy marked its annual International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and UN Office ...

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Sending the Sick Into the Streets? How Drug Tests Will Lock Homeless New Yorkers With HIV/AIDS Out of Shelters

Text by Jaron Benjamin who is the community organizer of VOCAL-NY and Mike Selick who is a policy intern at the Drug Policy Alliance. Source : New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new policy will require drug screening for homeless people living with HIV/AIDS applying for shelter. There is an ...

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