Dramatic growth of heroin use in U.S., large increases among whites

Source : The number of U.S. heroin users has grown by nearly 300,000 over a decade, with the bulk of the increase among whites, according to a new government report. Experts think the increase was driven by people switching from opioid painkillers to cheaper heroin. The Centers for Disease Control ...

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Oregon Readies for Marijuana Legalization to Take Effect

Source : The voter-approved legalization of marijuana partially takes effect in Oregon this week, and the state wants to make sure people know how the new law works. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the body responsible for implementing Measure 91, which was passed by a margin of 56 percent to 44 ...

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Medical Marijuana Legal in All Forms, Supreme Court Rules

Source : Medical marijuana patients will now be able to consume marijuana — and not just smoke it — as well as use other extracts and derivatives, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled today. The unanimous ruling against the federal government expands the definition of medical marijuana beyond the « dried » form. The country’s highest court found ...

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Ecstasy may soon be a treatment for social anxiety among autistic adults

Source : Researchers are planning the first pilot study of MDMA-assisted therapy for the treatment of social anxiety in autistic adults. In a recent review in press in the journal, Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, a team of researchers led by Alicia Danforth, laid out their proposed methods and ...

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Illinois Senate passes marijuana decriminalization bill but plans changes

Source : The Illinois legislature joined the movement to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of pot, passing a measure Thursday that would bar arrest for the offense. Carrying small amounts of marijuana would result in a fine instead of an arrest under a measure approved Thursday by the Illinois ...

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