Mexican governor of Guerrero state touts legal opium poppies

Source : The governor of one of Mexico’s most violent states is making waves by proposing that impoverished farmers be allowed to grow opium poppies for legal medical use. Guerrero state is among Mexico’s poorest, and many remote mountain communities already grow small plots of poppies, which are bought by ...

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Opioids made using yeast instead of poppies

Source : Scientists have invented a speedy method to make potent painkilling opioids using bioengineered baker’s yeast instead of poppies, but need to fine-tune the process to make it commercially viable, according to a study published on Thursday. Yeast grows in a petri dish. The scientists altered the yeast’s genetic ...

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UN to call on governments around the world to decriminalise all drugs, says Richard Branson

Source : The UN may be about to call on the governments of all countries to end the « war on drugs » and decriminalise the use and possession of all illegal substances. In an extraordinary post on his Virgin website, Richard Branson said he had been showed a report by the UN ...

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Cannabis and UN Drug Conventions timeline

This time line draws on The Rise and Decline of Cannabis Prohibition that described the history of international control, how cannabis was included in the current UN drug control system and the subsequent defections by countries and states that have brought the international treaties to breaking point. As the UN ...

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Mom Overjoyed: “Medical Marijuana Saved My Son’s Life”

Source : Autism spectrum disorder is not an illness that will earn you a medical marijuana card in most states. Yet, parents are crying out for safe access and more research. Mothers like Mieko Perez (story below) claim that her son’s life is due to the success of medical cannabis. Others ...

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