The Effects of Cannabis During Pregnancy

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Cannabis and Pregnancy

By The Stoner’s Cookbook


What are the effects of using cannabis during pregnancy? Are they good? Bad? Here’s some of the key facts to ponder.

  • Hot Topic

    By The Stoner’s Cookbook

    Marijuana and pregnancy have long been studied by medical professionals. In fact, there are studies that have been dated back to the 1960s.

  • No Association Yet Between Birth Defects and Bud

    By The Stoner’s Cookbook

    At this point, [studies]( don’t support an association between cannabis and birth defects. One study of 12,825 interviewees done after delivery, didn’t find a statistical association between them.

  • Cannabis is Not Risk-Free Though

    By The Stoner’s Cookbook

    Other [studies]( report associations between cannabis use and growth restriction and lower birth weight. This is particularly noticeable in women who keep smoking through delivery or late in pregnancy.

  • Higher Risk of Complications

    By The Stoner’s Cookbook

    With that in mind, women who smoke throughout pregnancy are more likely to experience complications than women who quit in the first trimester, according to [this article](

  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

    By The Stoner’s Cookbook

    HG is a potentially life-threatening condition of severe nausea, malnutrition and weight loss during pregnancy. [In one study](, 92% of women said that cannabis was extremely effective in combating it.

  • What About Other Drugs?

    By The Stoner’s Cookbook

    For [reference](, alcohol is still the riskiest substance when it comes to birth defects. Cocaine is associated with a small risk and heroin has been linked to risks for sudden infant death syndrome.

  • Divided on Pros and Cons

    By The Stoner’s Cookbook

    Cannabis may cause complications (in some aspects) when it comes to pregnancy, but also has been used by mothers to combat symptoms of HG. Talk to your doctor about what makes the most sense for you.

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