Cops Use Nasal Spray to Stop Heroin Overdose on Crowded Bus

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Shocking video released by a Philadelphia-area police department shows a man injecting heroin on a crowded city bus, authorities say.

It also shows the 25-year-old appearing to lose consciousness and fall to the floor.

The edited footage, released by the Upper Darby Police Department, shows first responders administering a life-saving drug now carried by many police departments across the country.

As if nothing had happened, the man hops to his feet after cops say he was given Narcan. Theprescription drug, which can be administered as a nasal spray, saves overdosing drug users by counteracting the effects of opiates.

The police department said they posted the footage to show how heroin is affecting communities in Pennsylvania and across America.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told INSIDE EDITION there’s no doubt Narcan is saving lives. In the last 14 months, he said his department has used the drug about 68 times, 50 of which saved a life.

The drug is stored in a plastic bag the department has attached to every set of car keys used by Upper Darby officers.

In the footage, which was recorded last week, the man is seen being escorted off the bus after the nasal spray is administered.

The man was briefly treated at a hospital and released. Days later, officers arrested him after they say packets allegedly found on his person tested positive for heroin.

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