Vancouver’s pot vending machine gets upgrades

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Demand for vending machine-marijuana in Vancouver is so high the BC Pain Society has already upgraded one of its machines.

« We outgrew it in the first two days after our media coverage aired, we have upgraded to a quadruple size, wheelchair friendly vending machine, » said Chuck Varabioff, the society’s director.

After the two vending machines were first installed, police said they were aware of them and that sale of marijuana is illegal, « whether it happens over the counter, in a dark alley or through a vending machine. »

That’s not stopping Varabioff, who is selling more than ever and offering discounts of up to $10 off on certain types of marijuana.

« We get a good buy from our suppliers so we pass the savings on to you, » he said In addition to upgrading the machine, Varabioff has spruced up his establishment.

« Our location has been completely renovated and is now a non-alcohol sports bar where you can come enjoy your medicine on-site. »

The combination of vended marijuana and a lounge atmosphere is proving popular.

« We’re getting approximately 100 new members per week. They’re coming from other dispensaries, » said Varabioff, adding he thinks police may start cracking down on some of the less reputable places.

« They may go after and target the people who just issue a business card with a number on it, no name, no I.D. and no prescription. »

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