Save 800 OST patients being hostages in Crimea!

As of today there are 803 patients of the opioid substitution treatment programs in the Crimea.

OST drugs stock in the Crimea will be over in a few days.

Many of them are disabled, some have two or more severe diagnoses.

For the majority of OST patients in the Crimea the continuation of programs is a matter of life and death.

Without this program some of its patients might not live any longer as they cannot live without opioid substitution treatment.
They have multiple diagnoses — HIV, Hepatitis, TB. At the same time they have children, a job, improved their family life. Without the program their children would be doomed. Their condition at the moment is difficult.

They are worried, demoralized, have suicidal thoughts. They beg the decision-makers on drugs supply to the Crimea to save our people.

These people will live a normal life as long as OST programs operate in the Crimea.

They do not talk about politics. They do not request too much. They just want to live.

Please don’t let me die.

Drugs supply to the Crimea is the matter of life for 803 patients.

Indifference kills.


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