Denmark yesterday legalized Safe Consumption Rooms from July 1st.

Dear friends and colleagues

Some of you may already have heard through Facebook, but not everyone is on Facebook and I like you all to know that our more than 16 years of common fight, supported by allies and friendly politicians  – finally made it happen!

Yesterday the Danish parliament – made it clear by law (63 pro 43 against 1 did not vote) that from the 1st. of July 2012 the establishment and operation of Safe Drug Consumption Rooms is now OFFICIALLY legal here in Denmark. I think it is the first time a country allow such facilities by law (but I may be wrong).?

And it is not only for injectors – but as it is termed in the new law: “Safe Drug Consumption Rooms”, where also smoking drugs be facilitated.
And not only heroin but also other currently illegal drugs as amphetamine, cocaine, crack and mixtures.

According to our national hero Street Lawyer Nanna W. Gotfredsen, who played a significant role in our common struggles and to who we owe a major part of this victory; “it has actually never been illegal to set up Safe Drug Consumption facilities in Denmark”; and as Nanna stated; “What is not illegal, is simply legal in a constitutional state”. “But should there still be some who doubt this, just in case, or some who still are somehow confused, such doubt should finally be totally eradicated by this new law”.?

Thanks a lot to all our dear friends and allies around the world, who constantly inspires and encourages the continuation of the struggle for humanity and dignity in drug policy ♥

I hope this new victory will inspire, and make you believe that things like this really can happen not only in Denmark – and hopefully also convince your politicians and get inspired to copy their Danish colleagues and their new human law – to protect health and save life’s of drug users all over the globe.

With love, respect and solidarity

Joergen Kjaer/president
Danish Drug Users Union

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