Health minister says a change to Harper’s anti-Insite law likely needed to meet rising overdose deaths


Source : Since fentanyl arrived on Canadian streets and illicit-drug overdose deaths began to skyrocket, cities across Canada have attempted to open supervised-injection sites like the one called Insite, which has operated in the Downtown Eastside since 2003. No city—including Vancouver, which has sought to open additional sites—has yet ...

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Obama: Federal Prohibition Not ‘Tenable’ After State Marijuana Votes


Source : President Obama says that federal laws banning marijuana will likely have to change if new states vote to legalize the drug on Tuesday. “The good news is is that after this referenda, to some degree it’s gonna call the question, because if in fact it passed in ...

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Medicinal marijuana is now legal to grow in Australia


Source : Budding cannabis producers can now apply for a licence to legally grow the crop in Australia, for medicinal use only. The Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016, which came into effect on Sunday, allows businesses to apply for a licence to cultivate cannabis or manufacture cannabis products for ...

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Californians vote to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state


Source : Voters on Tuesday approved Proposition 64, making California the most populous state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The approval of the ballot measure creates the largest market for marijuana products in the U.S. It comes six years after California voters narrowly rejected a ...

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Recreational weed could be a $22.6B industry: study


Source : Sales of legalized recreational marijuana would surpass combined sales of beer, wine, and spirits, it says. Legalized recreational marijuana promises to spark a $22.6-billion industry in Canada, eclipsing combined sales of beer, wine, and spirits, a new study suggests. The Deloitte report — titled Recreational Marijuana: Insights ...

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Une étude canadienne associe la cocaïne à la dysfonction et aux lésions rénales chez certains utilisateurs


Les personnes vivant avec l’infection au VIH sont plus à risque de subir des lésions rénales. Ce problème des dommages aux reins se produit pour une raison particulière : le VIH infecte des cellules essentielles des reins et y cause de l’inflammation. Les reins enflammés accomplissent moins efficacement leur tâche principale ...

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